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Welcome to Knight Human Management group, a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in Human Resource, Immigration, travels and tours, education and Management and student Consultancy. We are dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals alike by offering strategic guidance, streamlined processes, and expert insights in different domains. Under the umbrella of KHM group there are following entities working....

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Knight Human Resource is ISO 9001 certified group of companies.

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Empowering Excellence Globally: Expertise Across Domains, Integrity in Practice. With a Global Perspective, Professionalism, and Customer Focus, we uphold Confidentiality. Our commitment echoes in every interaction, fostering trust and delivering exceptional results worldwide.

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KHM Group offers a range of services including overseas employment, student consultancy, travel and tourism, and immigration services across various locations.

Our subsidiary company, Shalaan & GL, specializes in overseas employment through a comprehensive and transparent process. If you're interested, please submit an inquiry to connect with us

Yes, we have an expert team at Shalaan & GL dedicated to handling overseas employment opportunities. SGL has been recognized with awards for its exceptional services.